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PUSH HANDS is a two-person training drill designed to develop your understanding of internal martial arts.

To begin, you and your partner face each other. The back of your hand connects with the back of your partner's hand.

It doesn't matter which hand or foot is forward, but in our class, we start with the right hand and foot forward.

Next, while connected, you both circle (turning the body and transfering weight).   You are constantly reading your partner's energy to determine when the time is right to act.

Using moves from the form, you either try to unbalance your partner, or redirect / deflect when he tries to unbalance you.

Through Push Hands, you develop sensitivity, your learn to listen by touch, and you will gain the ability to neutralize and deflect.  Your your natural instinct to combat force with force will no longer be needed.  Instead, you yield to force (like water) and redirect their force.  You will become keenly aware of your partner's intention and the centerline that connects the two of you.  You tactile sense, which is often ignored in today's educational system, will become heightened.

Honor through the Martial Arts