Honor through the Martial Arts

Here at Red Sun, we firmly believe in helping out our community. In fact, Red Sun students cannot advance in rank until they do so.

In order for a student to earn their next belt, they must earn 5 stripes on their belt, one of which is a contribution stripe, where the student must contribute something to either their home (if they're a child), their dojo, or their community.  They can also contribute a helping hand to their church, their neighborhood, or their school.

Red Sun Academy supports Wake County's Adopt-A-Highway program. Because of this program, we all enjoy cleaner roads.  We also benefit from lower taxes, because individuals do the work as volunteers. Red Sun Academy has been a member of the Adopt-A-Highway program for over 20 years!

Red Sun Academy hosts an annual GHOST WALK in downtown Raleigh, where all the proceeds go to help prevent cruelty to animals.

Sensei also is very involved in serveral community services. She was active in the BIG BROTHER BIG SISTER program, and enjoyed time with her little brother since he was nine years old.  He is now in his twenties!  In addition, she has volunteered her time as a Den Mother for SCOUTS, and has participated with the YOUTH FOR UNDERSTANDING program, hosting 3 foreign exchange students in her home, being their American Mom for one year.

Red Sun Academy Serving the Community