Red Sun Academy

Red Sun Academy

School  of  Martial Arts


Red Sun Academy offers private lessons.

The day and time is up to you.

The cost is $25 per lesson.

We meet for 25 minutes

so that there's a couple of minutes

of transistion time

between each lesson.

Private lessons are wonderful

because you learn at your own pace.

As a new student,

you will learn:

After learning that,

you put the strikes in combination.

Many students love hitting Bob.

Bob is 6 feet tall and made out of plastic.

Some students prefer

to focus on self-defense.

Others want a good cardio workout.

Some want to condition their muscles.

Others want to earn rank

and seek to earn their black belt.

Many simply take private lessons for fun!

Honor through the Martial Arts

20 hand strikes

7 elbow strikes

10 kicks

If interested, contact us.

We'd love to hear from you!