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We all need to have a well thought-out plan of action in case trouble arises.  If we have a plan, we don’t have to think of a plan during the threatening moment when we only have seconds to act.  You need to have a prior plan and know what you would do if:

1. You pass a group of young men who are acting terribly suspicious.

2. Someone is following you in a parking lot or on the street.

3. You are suddenly approached by an attacker. (front) / (behind) / (side)

4. You’re in a bank that is in the process of getting robbed.

5. You’re in McDonald’s and someone has a gun.

6. You’re in a movie theater and there’s a bomb threat.

7. Someone in a car is following you while you are driving.


“If I’m at a gas station and if a car quickly approaches, then the passenger rushes out at me to rob me or cause me physical harm, I’d give him money if that was what he was after (in hopes of him then leaving me alone).  If he tried to get me in his car, I would fight, using whatever nearby object(s) there are as a weapon, and my aim would be to stop him any way I could, as quickly as possible. I would target his throat.  I would also yell and make as much noise as I could.”


“If I was at McDonald’s and a mentally disturbed person came in with a gun, I would quickly hit the floor and roll against a wall or hide under a table.  If the exit door was not in his line of vision, I would hurry to that, staying low.  I am prepared to scan for all exits every time I enter a place, so I am prepared to know where all the escape routes are.”

Everyone’s plan of action is different, depending on their physical abilities and limitations, personal training, weapon training if applicable, and personal morals.




If you are attacked, you have seconds to respond, if that.  Therefore, it's best to have a plan that you've prior thought out and have repeatedly practiced.

Your plan should consist of about 2 to 4 moves.  Pick these moves based on the blocks and strikes that you prefer.

Below are some of our students' PLAN OF ACTION:

   • Knife-hand to attacker's neck, palm to nose, side kick to knee

   • Grab behind attacker's neck and deliver a knee to the groin, then head butt.

   • Inside block, spear-hand to neck, hammer-fist collarbone, front kick knee

These moves need to be practiced several times a week.  It's best if they're practiced on a daily basis.

Practicing your moves takes less than 5 seconds.

You can practice in the shower, when you walk into the kitchen, when you go to the mailbox, before you get into bed, etc.


   "I don't have time."

    Nonsense.  Everyone has 5 seconds a day.

   "I will never really get attacked."

    That's what every victim believes, until it happens.

   "I already know my moves."

    You can't practice them enough.

   "I lack motivation."

    Yes, this one is difficult.  Self-discipline is part of the martial arts.

Honor through the Martial Arts

There are two types of PLAN OF ACTION:

1. Physical

2. Mental



1. Physical: "If attacked, I will spear-hand their neck, then kick their knee."

2. Mental:  "If a gunman comes into McDonald's, I'll duck under the table."