Red Sun Academy

Red Sun Academy

School  of  Martial Arts

OUR STYLE: Jo Kwon Chi

Honor through the Martial Arts

What is JO KWON CHI?

Jo Kwon Chi is our style.

It’s similar to karate, but with more elements.

Come check it out for yourself!

Jo Kwon Chi combines

Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, Sayokan, & Tai Chi

into a unique blend.

Shotokan is a type of karate.

You learn the quiet discipline of Shotokan,

the fire and power from Tae Kwon Do,

how to work the angles with Sayokan,

(Sayokan is a style from Turkey)

and the softness and inner strength from Tai Chi...

all in one balanced and unique blend.

You won’t find this blend anywhere else

but at Red Sun Academy.