Red Sun Academy

Red Sun Academy

School  of  Martial Arts


are 3 combination strikes

that strike vulnerable areas

on an attacker's face.

White belts only learn the individual strikes so they don't learn combination strikes until they earn their yellow belt.

Yellow belts perform EYES–NOSE–THROAT with only one hand.

Orange belts use both hands,

but pause after each strike to the throat.

They strike the eyes with their front hand, then they strike the nose with their back hand, and finally they strike the throat with their front hand.  After the 3 strikes, they pause before repeating the same thing again.

.Green belts. alternate without any pause, striking with their front hand, then their back hand, then their front hand.  Sometimes, the strike to the eyes is done with the front hand, and sometimes, it's done with the back hand.

Blue belts and above do the same as green belts, only they perform the 3 combination strikes more quickly and with greater proficiency.

Honor through the Martial Arts