Red Sun Academy

Red Sun Academy

School  of  Martial Arts


Honor through the Martial Arts

Martial Art Etiquette

Always bow upon entering or leaving the dojo.

Bow to Sensei (and any black belt)

after you arrive.

Place shoes neatly on the window sill,

or by your gym bag in the hall.

If you see other shoes in disorder,

please neaten them up.

Do not arrive late to class.

Contact Sensei if you will be missing classes

for a week or more.

If Sensei says your name,

respond by saying 'Osu!' or “Yes Sensei!”

Never say  “yeah”  or  “uh-huh”  in the dojo.

It's  “Yes Sir!”  or  “Yes Ma'am!”

If you arrive late, stand off to the side

and wait for the instructor to bow you in.

Do not question Sensei's decision

on who tests and who does not.

No running or yelling before or after class.

No jewelry is to be worn by students

during class.

Accept objects from Sensei with both hands

(not just one); it's more polite.

Do not show your back to Sensei

in a formal dojo situation.

(such as a test)

Never allow your belt to touch the floor

when you are not wearing it.

Sit properly in class with legs crossed,

not with your leg(s) spread out.

Do not come to class sick.

Keep fingernails & toenails short

to prevent injury and infection

to other students.

No use of profanity in the dojo.

(not even light-heartedly)

If you quit then rejoin,

you will have to pay the registration fee again.

Always yield to senior ranking students

and elderly people.

In any large crowd, there will always be complainers. Don't be one.

Treat training equipment and targets

with care.

You must have your Red Sun patch on

to test.

If you plan on visiting another school,

please talk to Sensei first.

Never use martial arts to show off.

No gear, no contact sparring!

Yellow Belts need to start buying sparring gear.

Don't correct upper ranks.

If you need to adjust your gi during class,

please turn around to do so.


(Come to class with no negative thoughts)

Make sure your uniform is clean and ironed before your test.

It must be absolutely quiet

before the test begins.

Bow to Sensei (and any black belt)

when you see them out in public.

Don't break boards before receiving Sensei's instruction.

Do not accuse unless you are sure.

Treat your martial art school

more like a home than a business.

Never sit vacant in class.

Instead, practice something.

No loud laughter during class

unless it's a unique situation.

Honor any commitment you make.

If you break something, FIX IT!

All conversations stop

when the instructor is speaking in class.

Do not speak, practice, or fidget during class

while Sensei or any instructor is speaking.

Do not leave the room during class

without asking the teacher.

While in the dojo, practicing,

training, helping out other students,

and keeping the dojo neat

comes before socializing.

Higher ranks should always seek

to set a good example.

If someone is getting the better of you,

instead of getting angry... LEARN.

When asked for an RSVP,

please respond in a timely manner.

Practicing for 3 minutes every day

is better than practicing for 3 hours

once a month.

Brown + black belts should attend

most outside events.

Do not feel defensive when your instructor corrects you.

Thank your partner after practicing a technique.

Do not chew gum while training.

Keep your gi and body clean.  

Bow to your instructor

when called upon to demonstrate a technique.

Bow again when finished.

Give full effort in class.

Don't constantly make excuses for mistakes.

Do not revise techniques taught in class.

Be careful with learning techniques

from youtube.

Put your chair away after class.

Keep class lines neat

by aligning yourself

with the person on your right.

Do not yawn in class.

If you must yawn, turn around, be discrete.

Turn your head down and away

when you cough.

Do NOT caugh into your hand.

If you leave Red Sun, let Sensei know face-to-face.