Red Sun Academy

Red Sun Academy

School  of  Martial Arts



Honor through the Martial Arts

You are the Defender.

We will call you (D) for Defender.

One attacker is on your left (L),

and one attacker is on your right (R).

L & R grab D’s shoulder.


is a series of 10 moves

that you perform

against two attackers.

You are in the middle,

with one attacker on your left,

and one attacker on your right.


1.  Two-hand BLOCK to L & R’s arms.

2.  Two-hand REVERSE-SHUTO to the back of L & R’s neck.

3.  Two-hand SHUTO to L & R’s throat.

4.  Two-hand BACK-FIST to L & R’s nose.

5.  Two-hand HAMMER-FIST to L & R’s groin.

Turn to your left. Right foot steps to your left.

6.  Right PALM to L’s nose.

7.  (left foot steps) Left ELBOW to R‘s face.

8.  (right foot steps) Right HOOK to R’s jaw.

9. Left SPINNING BACK-FIST to L’s nose.

10.  Right SIDE KICK to R‘s knee.

COOL COMBO is fun,

but it's a bit overkill,

so it is not entirely realistic.


when performing COOL COMBO,

you practice various strikes

againt an attacker,

and you train with

timing, distance, and flow.