Both face each other in fighting position, left foot forward.

Always land with kicking foot forward.


Fight Scene

Honor through the Martial Arts

Red Sun Academy

Red Sun Academy

School  of  Martial Arts

A (Attacker) always kicks with BACK foot.

B (Defender) always kicks with FRONT foot.

First you TURN back,

then you SLIDE back,

then you LEAN (A) or TURN (B) back.


1. ATTACKER:  Back foot   Front kick (right)

   DEFENDER:  Turn back   Front kick (right)


2. ATTACKER:  Turn back    Round kick (right)

    DEFENDER:  Slide back   Round kick (right)


3. ATTACKER:  Slide back   Side kick (left)

    DEFENDER:  Turn back    Side kick (left)


4. ATTACKER:  Lean back   • Shuto Strike (left)

    DEFENDER:                     Shuto Block (left)