Red Sun Academy

Red Sun Academy

School  of  Martial Arts


Entering the Dojo

Bow to Sensei when you first see her.

She will bow back.

Also, bow to any other black belt.

Take your shoes off

before entering the dojo.

The dojo is the training room.

Bow when you first enter the dojo.

Belongings, such as gym bags,

purses, shoes, etc.

are to be neatly placed

either in the hall

outside the training room

or on the window ledge

inside the training room.

Do NOT leave gym bags

on the dojo floor or on the chairs

inside the dojo.

After you enter the dojo,

proceed to practice quietly

before class begins.

Please address the head instructor as Sensei.

Sensei is a Japanese word meaning teacher.

Please address the Assistant Instructors

and any other black belts in the classroom

as Sir, Ma'am, or Sempai.

When you are specifically addressed

by Sensei during class,

please acknowledge by saying

“Yes Sensei” or "Osu!"

(or “Yes Sir!” or “Yes Ma'am!”

to the Assistant Instructors).

Do not worry about

the Japanese and Korean terminology

during your first several months as a student.

When you test for your first belt (yellow belt),

you will not be tested on this terminology.

It is not until you test

for your second belt (orange belt)

that you must know the Asian terminology.

By then,

you will have heard these words enough times

that it will seem natural to you.

The best material is learned naturally,

not forced by crammed memorization.

When you enter the dojo

When you're inside the dojo

When you're outside the dojo

Inside the Dojo


Material taught in the classroom

must be practiced at home.

Ten to fifteen minutes a day

is all it takes.

It is usually quite obvious

to Sensei and the instructors

when a student has not practiced.  

Of course,

you may be struggling with new material.

The instructor expects some confusion

However, when an instructor

has to continually reteach material

to the student,

the student could be learning new material,

if she or he had practiced

and learned the material

that was already presented to them.


Sensei is not irritated by errors at all,

as long as the student is trying.

If for some reason

you must leave the academy

(because you move, become busy at work,

have financial problems,

get involved with other sports, etc.),

please let Sensei know.

It is considered rude

to leave without contacting Sensei beforehand.

Outside the Dojo