Z-Chi combines
tai chi, modern dance, & free-style moves
into a soft cardio workout




Push invisible mountains
Form 7 Stars with your hands
Swim in unseen waters
Lift the world with your palms
Pound invisible bongos
Play kickball with the air
Pass the beachball
Play an imaginary guitar
Become a soaring airplane
Do 'the crawl' and 'breast stroke'
Serve a platter of unseen jewels
Catch fireflies in the air
Juggle imaginary tribbles
Become Frankenstein
Play patty-cake with the sky
Be a washing machine
You hands become a swooping dolphin
Let go and find joy!


Z-chi combines tai chi, modern dance, and free-style jazzy moves into a soft cardio workout. .In this gentle fitness class, you push invisible mountains, lift the world with your palms, juggle imaginary balls, pet an unseen horse's mane, and loose yourself to the music.

2nd & 4th WED: 7:45-8:30pm

Are you a beginner? .Not in shape? .Never done any type of martial art?
Don't worry, this class is perfect for beginners and non-martial artists, as the moves are so simple.
.Even if you are in shape and want to work out, this class is wonderful and will keep your body limber and moved/stretched in ways your other classes may not.

Free for Red Sun Academy members. Love donations from non-members


... "I don't have a lot of time"
.......What is more important than your health?
.......Come late, just join in.
.......Come on time, leave early...
.......this is a very casual class

.... "I don't have a lot of money"
.......For non Red Sun members,
.......please contribute a love donation...
.......anything you can afford.
.......$5 to $10 per class is typical.

.... "I'm not in shape"
.......We'll getcha' there painlessly.

.... And the main reason for taking Z-Chi...
.......It's FUN!

If you want to get in shape,
face it... ya' gotta' work at it.
Here's the way!
A FUN way!!