The Thirteenth Tale
- Questions for Discussion -

(note that I have 13 questions!!)

..1. When do you think The Thirteenth Tale takes place?
......The narrator gives some hints, but never tells the exact date.

..2. Who is “the girl in the midst?” How does she differ from Adeline?

..3. Why did Adeline suddenly gain her senses when she was about 15?

..4. Miss Winter frequently changes points of view from third to first person,
......from "they" to "we" to "I," in telling Margaret her story.
......What did you make of this shifting?

..5. Who was/were the ghost(s)?

..6. Why did Dr. M. and Hester get romantically involved?
......Was this building, or was it spontaneous?

..7. Compare and contrast Angelfield to Miss Winter's house.

..8. If her parents had told her the truth about her twin,
......would Margaret still be haunted?

..9. What would have happened had Hester stayed on?

10. How does this novel echo Jayne Eyre?

11. Do you think it is harder to keep a secret or confess the complete truth?

12. Sometimes it's better "not to know." Do you agree or disagree?

13. What is the thirteenth tale?